Team Member Since 1989


President / CEO


In Addition to her role as CEO, Roni is also a major contributor to the sales team. Her years of service and experience combine with her kind-hearted personality to make her a well- respected member of Bates-Wells’ management and sales team.


Team Member Since 1975


Vice President

Master Advertising Specialist


Mark’s countless years of commitment to the Bates-Wells team have developed our company into the professional, client centered business it is today. His outgoing personality and caring nature make him an outstanding member of the Lubbock business community. We all love Mark, especially when he takes us all out to lunch!


Team Member Since 1997


Certified Advertising Specialist


Kimberly is a major player in the sales game. With sales that put the company’s numbers over the top, Kimberly is a force to be reckoned with. Her flashing smile and personable nature are outstanding assets to Bates-Wells sales team. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys kicking butt at tennis and singing karaoke.



Team Member Since 2002


Accounting Manager

Office Manager


Britt, with her spunky attitude keeps everything moving smoothly. Her upbeat personality keeps us all smiling till days’ end. Her miniature accomplice, Kadence, runs messages for the office and works for cups cakes.



Team Member Since 2009


Independent Account Executive

Trained Advertising Specialist


Joe is known around the office as Big Joe. The only thing bigger than Joe is his friendly personality. Whether he is sitting in a deer blind or searching for great products, he always hits his target with pin point accuracy.



Team Member Since 2007


Independent Account Executive


When not doing Home Inspections, Jason can be found hitting the streets looking for customers that need promotional advertising. An all-around great guy, taking great care of our Oklahoma customers is what he does best! 



Team Member since 1994


Independent Account Executive


Known nationwide as the Mr. Wonderful, Alvin Klien is selling a super-power in the Bates-Wells world. His rustic, jokester exterior is a facade covering a sensitive, warm, and fuzzy personality.



Team Member Since 1997


Independent Account Executive


Heading up the Colorado Sales team, Burly Brian Z rocks the Durango sales scene. His sharp wit, and keen sense of smell make him an invaluable member of the Bates-Wells sales force.


Team Member Since 2010





Independent Account Executive


It's Jerry Lane of A-Town Rockers. When he is not jamming down on the drums, he is hitting the streets drumming up great


Team Member Since 2016






Erica "Grace" Baker

Customer Service Specialist 


If you are looking for the BEST SERVICE IN TOWN, Erica is your Gal!!

Give her a call or shoot her an email today She is ready to help serve you!